Google Home app update its light control interface

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Google continues to develop its home automation ecosystem by focusing on Google Home, its platform linked to Google's assistant.

The app with the same name is the control center of all supported apps and devices from our mobile. In this way, we will control the multimedia playback of the TV to the power-on of the lights.

Google Home improves the way bulbs are displayed
The latter is something that has changed in the latest version of this app, 2.27. Now when we enter the main control panel we will see that the bulbs do not have an icon to turn on or off, but the only action.

This way, if they are turned on they will show the option to turn off and vice versa. But we can also see if they are on or not by simply looking at the application icon.

The only fault we see is that it activates or turns off all the lights of one room at a time. It would be interesting to implement the option to click on the icon to open a submenu with the available lights, in case we want to turn off only one.

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This function also reaches the smart plugs, which will show us in the same way whether or not they are turned on. In the following image, you can see an example with the fan on the left and off on the right.

We assume that this change comes from the final update of Android 1a, which will allow you to do something similar from the power button, as we tell you in the feature analysis of the new version of the operating system.

Alongside this change comes a new feature that allows us to choose the type of device that we want to configure in Google Home so that the system understands what we are adding. It's a shortcut to a feature that was introduced a few weeks ago.

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