Google Meet is updated with the ultimate teacher took: a whiteboard on the video call

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In recent months, video calls of tools such as Zoom or Google Meet have been crucial in Spain and other countries where confinement has forced classes to take place remotely. While telematics education has a lot of potentials, much of society still doesn't have the habit and means to be able to execute it easily.

When it comes to tools, Google Meet has added a very interesting integration to make video calls a little more interactive. From now on you'll have a new assistant in the video calls, a whiteboard.

Google Meet video calls now feature a whiteboard
You may not know it, but Google has a collaborative whiteboard app. Its name is Jamboard and it is a tool that reinvents the concept of such useful whiteboards, allowing several users to see how we translate our ideas remotely.

Jamboard is extremely useful, although today it functioned as a standalone application and was active only for G-Suite users, the paid professional version of Google Apps. From now on Jamboard will have more presence than you could ever enjoy.

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Google has announced that Google Meet will receive integration with Jamboard. This means that during the video call, a teacher will be able to add their own virtual whiteboard and start taking notes as if they were in class, while all members will be able to see the tool in real-time.

This feature will be fully integrated into the web version of Google Meet, while those on the mobile video call will receive a link to directly open the Jamboard app and view the whiteboard while listening to the explanation.

The feature is starting to be deployed from today and will be available to everyone over the next few weeks, whether they're G-Suite users or free Google accounts.

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