Google Play Games has created the ultimate search filter

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Google Play Games is a complementary platform to the Google app store where we can communicate with our friends, synchronize progress in our games on different devices, and even access tools to record and stream our games on YouTube, being one of the best game managers available in Spain for any mobile.

However, Google Play Games is also an application in which you discover new games. At the end of the day these games we end up installing them from Google Play, but the advantage of Play Games is to be in a much more specialized application. And this specialization proves it with tools like the one that includes the latest update.

Google Play Games has the search filter that Google Play needs
Let's be direct, Google Play Games just released a feature that's so cool that it should be on the Play Store. Have you ever felt frustrated looking for games and wished you could do a more personalized search to your needs?

I'm sure you will. Well, you're going to love the latest update, because it's got what we've been waiting for years. Thus has been introduced by a Google product manager the new feature, internally known as "Fireball". Simply press the magnifying glass button in Google Play Games and have a new catalog of search filters.

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And what kind of filters can we apply?

  • Instant Games: Free or premium.
  • Trends or novelties.
  • Have ads or not.
  • Have or don't have in-app purchases.
  • Meet a rating criterion: For example, more than 4 stars out of 5.
  • Selection of editors.
  • Whether played vertically or horizontally.
  • If you have integration with Google Play Games.
  • If it's a family game.
  • What kind of gender it is.

The new Google Play Games filter is starting to roll out for all users today. As usual, this update is updated from the server-side without us having to do anything, and although, conveniently, we have the application fully updated, there are no guarantees that by updating the application you will end up receiving it earlier.

If this is your case (as happens to me right now) it's a matter of hours and it will already appear on your device without you having to do anything.

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