Google will force developers to use their payment system in the Play Store, with a few exceptions

Google will update rules and force apps to use Play Store for billing |  Technology | En24 News

Fortnite's expulsion from the Play Store a few weeks ago highlighted an issue that many developers face: the payment system in the Play Store. Epic Games skipped the rules and introduced a direct payment system. Although for a long time, Google has been less strict than Apple in applying such rules.

It seems that those days have come to an end because it was rumored that Google was going to force app developers to use their payment system in the Play Store and now it's official. The company will make it mandatory to use its own system in in-app purchases, those that are made within games and apps on Android.

Google will be clearer, but also stricter
A few days ago the news broke with these Google plans, which seeks to be stricter with developers, thus taking note of what Apple does, which has historically been stricter in such matters. As a result, several restrictions apply in the following rules:

  • Developers who offer products in a game download on Google Play or provide access to game content should use Google Play In-app Billing as their payment method.
  • Developers offering products in another category of the app downloaded on Google Play should use Google Play In-app Billing as a payment method, except in the following cases:
  • Payments for physical products.
  • Payments for digital content that can be consumed outside the app.
By forcing developers to use their payment system, the company is also requiring them to pay the corresponding 30% commission for the revenue earned, in this case for in-app or in-game purchases. A commission that has been criticized on many occasions by developers, who see it as excessive. It is also the same commission that Epic Games considered unacceptable and has played an important role in its expulsion from the Play Store.

Google Play Store

This google measure is already in opposition because various companies have come together to create the Coalition for App Fairness, which seek, among other things, to fight this monopoly system in these app stores, as already announced a few days ago. So the controversy is served with this decision from the Play Store.

Developers are given a year to move on to this payment system. The decision made by Google will not take effect until September 30, 2021. Systems like Xbox Game Pass Ultimate would be an exception and would not have at least implied from Google, just like Fortnite's own purchases.

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