Google will remove the most useless SMS from your inbox automatically

Verificacion en dos pasos Google

Millions of users in Spain use two-step verification to access their accounts, usually by receiving an SMS with a code to complete that login. If you use this method in multiple of your accounts or apps, your inbox in apps like Google Messages ends up filling up with messages with these codes.

These codes are important for a very short period of time, you will use it once to log into your account, so five minutes at most. After this time, they're useless, they just end up taking up space in your inbox. It seems that Google has also realized this and takes action on it.

Google Messages Will Do Automatic Cleanup
It is in version 6.7 of Google Messages, in the APK of it, where this new feature has been discovered in the application. As mentioned, if you use two-step verification on many of your accounts and apps, a huge amount of messages with verification codes are accumulated in your inbox. Messages that are not useful once you are logged in.

In this situation, at present, we can only select those messages and delete them manually. Luckily, Google works in an automated mode that will detect those messages with one-time passwords and delete them after 24 hours. Thus, the user will not have to do anything, since the application will delete them automatically directly. This saves the user the time and effort required.

Google Messages May Soon Auto-Delete OTPs After 24 Hours | Beebom

This will be an optional feature, which users will be able to activate in the Message settings. In this way, if you have chosen to make use of it, the application will take care of detecting those messages with passwords of use and then proceeding to its deletion after those 24 hours.

The function has already been seen in the application, although it is not already active. That's why Google is expected to launch it soon in its messages app, although they haven't said anything about when it will be made available to all users of it.

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