HBO max announces the addition of ads to its content while Netflix stays away from these

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The absence of ads when viewing content from paid platforms has been one of the main advantages present in the subscription and video-on-demand mode.

That is why its presence during the transmission of a movie or series can be a nuisance for those users who are not used to it.

It is common for a video service to not contain advertising at the time of payment, although it does not necessarily mean that it is a standard met by all providers.

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In the case of HBO Max, it has been disclosed that this company intends to add advertisements during the transmission of some of its contents, thus joining other platforms that have opted for this initiative such as Hulu and Peacock.

In this regard, HBO explained through a survey that this measure envisaged the insertion of 2 to 4 minutes of advertisements for each hour of content viewed.

However, HBO stated that ads would not be shown on original HBO shows or recent films, but on HBO max series and classic films.

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You may be wondering what the advantage this measure would represent for you. According to the survey, you would be able to pay a lower fee for enjoying the service by viewing certain ads. This could be attractive to certain users, considering that there is not much streaming time that these ads will have.

On the other hand, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has shown a position of rejection of the idea of incorporating ads into its content by eating that«it is not a rule, but a decision », thus remaining firm to its desire to continue to grow with the ad-free payment model that Netflix has maintained so far.

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