How to enable one of the most useful and eye-catching iOS 14 hidden features

How to Enable the 14 Best Hidden Features of iOS 14

As we're seeing, iOS 14 implements so many changes that we're discovering some over the days, like this one that we're going to show you and that you're sure to activate.

In the last two days, it seems that we have not stopped discovering the news that has arrived next to iOS 14. Yesterday we showed you 20 things that you can now use on your iPhone, but other amazing things have added up, like this one that allows you to perform actions by touching the back of the iPhone.

Think about it, is there an option you're interested in activating just by touching the back of your phone? Maybe take a screenshot, turn on Siri, or other similar actions. As with facial recognition unlocking, the goal is to save time and even avoid contact with the screen.

iPhone Users Should Know These Hidden Features of iOS 14

Want to see how it works? We're going to teach you how to activate it in a matter of two minutes. We assure you that you will appreciate this discovery.

To be able to activate this option you have to enter your mobile settings and access by a series of tabs. Let's show you in the images below how to get to the option.

The first thing you need to do is access your iPhone's Settings. Once inside mark Accessibility and in Physical and Motor Skills points to Touch. In touching you have to go into Tap Back.

Apple iOS 14 release: The 5 best new iPhone features so far - Business  Insider

Once you are in this tab you have the option to activate the actions that will occur when you tap back Twice or Three times, as you can see in the image. When you access Twice, for example, you will see the different options to activate, divided into System, Accessibility, or Scroll Gestures.

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