How to export your Google Play Music listen and listen to them anywhere

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Google Play Music has for years been Google's music app for Android. Although the app prepares to close permanently, leaving its site to YouTube Music, which will be Google's app for streaming music in Spain. If you want to use YouTube Music you can now easily pass your music, but they had forgotten about local playlists.

Although it was allowed to pass your music between the two apps or download all your music before its final closure, the local playlists seemed to have been forgotten. Luckily, in the new version of Google Play Music, it is now possible to export those playlists and listen to them anywhere.

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Export your Google Play Music lists
Many users used Google Play Music as the app where they listened to the songs they had saved on their phone's microSD card and created playlists in the app. Due to the end of the application, many want to be able to export these playlists. In the new version of the app, with number 8.26, it is now possible to export them simply. How can you do this?

  1. Update Play Music to the new version available now (8.26).
  2. Open the app on your phone.
  3. Go to the application settings.
  4. Find the "Export Playlists" option.
  5. Tap on it.
  6. Playlists are saved in a new folder called "storage/emulated/0/playlist-export", located in the root directory of our storage.
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This folder where the files are saved shows us M3U files. Both M3U files and playlists that we had created, in fact, we can see that each file keeps the name of the playlist in question. Thanks to this file you can export these lists to other players and listen to them normally.

The M3U format is a format that store playlists, which is compatible with many music players, such as VLC or Kodi, that will allow us to open those files and thus play those playlists that we had on Play Music without any problem. This format contains both the playlist and the audio tracks, allowing you to play the songs that are in that playlist.

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