Huawei Watch Fit: Why it's one of the best cheap sports watches you can buy

Huawei Watch Fit

One of the key features of this Huawei low-cost watch is that it can measure the oxygen level in the blood, something that without going any further is one of the star novelties of the Apple Watch Series 6, to name the most paradigmatic example.

With this value, you will be able to know if your lungs are working as they should and even assess your ability to recover after a training session.

There are few or no watches that do this for as little money as the Huawei Watch Fit costs, which is that for now, it is a feature that mainly tops high-level sports watches.

Huawei Watch Fit

More than 10 days of battery life
Although much has improved the battery life of smartwatches, it is still a fairly important drawback when choosing, and most of them are still limited to 3-4 days of autonomy at best.

Huawei Watch Fit is well compliant in this section: it goes to 10 days of autonomy under normal conditions, more than enough to almost forget about the charger.

Because it has GPS, energy consumption soars in certain types of sport, such as running or cycling, which can decisively affect the final range.

This section is a pretty solid reason to consider the Huawei Watch Fit one of the best cheap sports watches.

Huawei Watch Fit

96 sports activities and personal trainer
There are more than 96 sports activities that you can quantify with this watch, as many of the watches specialized in a sport best considered on the market, and all for only 129 euros, a luxury.

In addition to being able to passively measure your activities, taking data from a distance, pace or calories burned, it also has a personal trainer, with video.

You will be able to see exercises on its AMOLED color screen, videos indicating what to do and how to get in shape, something new that will become more and more common to watch on different smart devices.

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