Instagram lite returns, Instagram for phones with few resources

Instagram Lite

Lite versions of some apps help users with resource-constrained mobiles (either by "disk" space or by memory or processor) to take advantage of many of the features they offer.

This is the case with Facebook Lite, for example, and it happened with Instagram Lite until it disappeared from the Google store in May this year.

Now Instagram Lite is back, although its physical appearance and the functionalities offered are more or less the same as it was months ago, it has not given a stop to restructure, as many of us thought.

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This reduced and visually identical version of Instagram only takes up 2 Megas. In it we can send direct messages, activate the instant camera function to add content to the feed or stories and make the videos play automatically by default.

IGTV videos (which last more than a minute) are represented by a generic video icon in the tile view so that when you click on the thumbnail you can watch the entire video on a new page with the full content.

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A Facebook spokesperson confirmed that it is testing Lite again to provide people with a "high-quality experience" regardless of device or network quality, but did not give details of the difference it has from the previous version.

Facebook has never really considered Instagram Lite more than a "test" since its inception in 2018, focused on Africa, South Asia, and Latin America. It was one of the 20 best social apps downloaded from the Play Store in Mexico, Peru, and the Philippines, so surely its return has been received with joy by millions of people.

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