Instagram renews its interface and gives more prominence to Reels and shopping

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Instagram has been introducing various new features these months, with Reels being arguably the most important. This function is considered the TikTok of the social network, which was also launched coinciding with TikTok's problems. Users in Spain have been able to enjoy it for weeks and it has been seen how it has been gaining prominence in the app.

This increased prominence is confirmed again with the new interface being launched on Instagram. The application changes interfaces, making Reels now have greater prominence since they have their own section. So the social network's commitment to this feature is clear in this way.

Instagram renews its interface
When we open Instagram now, we come across a new distribution of buttons at the bottom of the screen. Next to the Home button, to go to the app feed, you now enter the Reels button. This new video feature gets its own section in the app, leaving the browse window. It is clear in this way that it seeks to boost its use among users.

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In the middle, we have the button to upload content. When you click on it, the application will ask us if we want to upload a post, a story or if we want to upload a video in Reels. The button maintains its functionality, although it now acquires the appearance of a camera, rather than the classic + symbol.

The Instagram store also gains prominence. It has been a while since the social network introduced its store, where it could buy products directly. This new interface seeks to give this store greater prominence because it now has its own section. In this section, we will access stores that we already follow, as well as discover new stores, which could be of interest to us depending on our activity (viewed publications, likes, etc.).

Must-Know Social Media News Stories | MavSocial

The last button gives us access to our profile in the application, where the favorites section is also sheltered. One aspect that stands out in this interface change on Instagram is that the Explore section loses prominence. It no longer has a button in the bottom menu, but a small magnifying glass icon is placed at the top, to enter that section, which keeps its design unchanged. This design is already being released among users on Android, so if you use the app, you probably already have access.

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