Intel Unveils 11th Gen Tiger Lake CPUs With Next-Gen Xe GPU

In addition to announcing its new devices, Intel unveiled the redesign of its brand, featuring a revamped logo and graphic proposal, which we'll see from now on in its new products.
11th Generation Intel Core processors with integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics are primarily profiled for use on thin, lightweight laptops running Windows or ChromeOS.
These processors, based on a system-on-chip (SoC), present a powerful generational leap relative to their predecessors. Its main improvements are patented in improving its performance in productivity tasks, games, and working with multimedia material.
At the connectivity level, thanks to the support they provide to the Wi-Fi 6standard, computers with chips of this generation from Intel will be better prepared for a coming transition. This would allow us to make use of a data transfer rate of between 600 to 10,000 Mbps and enjoy better network coverage in spaces where through the use of other bands, the network tends to become saturated. Among other possibilities, this condition provides better conditions for the consumption or streaming of content.

In the multimedia field, there are substantial improvements that could enhance collaborative work and participation in videoconferences. This generation features a CPU-based audio processor to suppress noise that is often induced through certain microphones or audio sources. Also, its graphics processor optimized video decoding, adding an artificial intelligence-powered acceleration system.
By taking this to a related field, improvements also benefit those working in audiovisual production, in some cases reducing image processing time by almost a third and half the time spent rendering videos. These processors support 8K HDR monitors and up to four simultaneous 4K HDR displays.
The graphics of this eleventh generation are the first to integrate Dolby Vision technology at the hardware level, enhancing an immersive experience and increasing processing efficiency, providing up to one more hour of battery life to the computer.
Intel unveils its new 11th generation notebook processors - Somag News

Thanks to its Intel Iris Xe graphics, video game performance was also the subject of a new boost. Using only the integrated graphics processor, processors of this generation, called Tiger Lake, can run 1080p, for the first time, titles such as Borderlands 3, Far Cry New Dawn and Hitman 2, among others, according to what the company presented at its recent launch event.
Also, as a "quality standard", the Intel Evo platform was introduced, which seeks to display the best computer options, based on compliance with indicators such as the presence of a battery, with the fast charging system, that can work for at least 9 hours on computers with Full HD display, with consistent responsiveness and with a system wake-up speed of 1 second or less.

The presentation of this release was also marked by the redesign of Intel's brand, leaving behind the classic oval with the inscription "Intel Inside" that for many years, despite some subtle aesthetic tweaks, we have seen in the stickers of our equipment.
The new image is more minimalist, modern, and fresh, but rescues the characteristic blue. From now on, through multiple variants, you will be present in everything related to Intel.
Intel's Tiger Lake processor generation will arrive at the end of the year in at least 20 different presentations and computers from brands such as Acer, Asus, Lenovo, and Samsung, among others, will be the first to have them.

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