It's official: installing alternative app stores will be easier on Android 12

Google will make using alternative app stores easier in Android 12

In recent weeks, Fortnite's scandal against Apple and Google app stores has shaken up the news of mobile devices. While Epic Games has begun its legal process with the aim of "freeing us from monopolies", the tech giants have decided to react in their own way.

Google has been sued for monopolistic practices on so many occasions that the company has taken little to detail how they plan to change Android to make it a fairer operating system for all other app stores, changes that will come with Android 12.

Well, more or less.

Android 12 will make it easier to install and use alternative app stores
Android 12 makes it easy to install third-party stores
We believe that developers should have the choice in how they distribute their apps and which stores should compete. The choice has always been at the heart of Android, which is why consumers have always had control over the apps they use. It can be your keyboard, messaging app, phone, or app store.

After indicating that some Android mobiles have at least two pre-installed app stores, that users can install the stores they want, and that games like Fortnite can be downloaded from the Epic store and the Galaxy Store, they wanted to take developer feedback into account to make it easier to choose app stores. Starting with Android 12, Google will make changes to make it even easier to install other app stores as long as they don't compromise Android security measures. All this without giving much detail.

Epic's first Fortnite Installer allowed hackers to download and install  anything on your Android phone silently | Android Central

Coincidentally now that they have been sued, the freedom to choose stores if it matters. Right now, the announcement seems more like a public relations move to defend itself in court than anything else, but you'll have to wait a year to see how they decide to give more freedom of choice for stores.

It's just a year, and for the few devices that are updated. If they really had a real interest there would be faster and more user-reaching routes, such as a section in the Play Store or an extra setting in android's initial settings.

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