The obligation to use masks in many parts of the world, to prevent the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus, has enhanced the creativity of more than one to offer innovative technological solutions, although there has also been no lack of the most fun and playful solutions, such as the one now offered by Tyler Glaiel with JabberMask masks, which can now be purchased through a collective funding campaign on Kickstarter.

Based on the approach that masks cover users' mouths when they are talking, JabberMask masks try to reflect the movements of the mouth during a speech by using LED light arrays, with voice activation through an integrated microphone.

And while Glaiel, a video game developer, has already offered instructions so that the most skilled with electronics can create their own, having to have the right tools, he is now serially launching his Line of JabberMask masks through the aforementioned collective funding campaign.

In this regard, users will be able to opt for JabberMask Lite masks, at a cost of $29; JabberMask Deluxe masks,$49; and JabberMask Pro,$69.

All these versions have everything you need to be able to operate independently, including your own compartment for the controller and the power supply, which will be located at the back of the head, which in the case of JabberMask Lite will use four YYYY batteries, while the remaining two options will use micro USB rechargeable batteries.

The JabberMask Pro option is eye-catching, as it also has its own companion app for Android and iOS, and its own remote control, with which you can increase your chances to reflect through the RGB LED matrix of 8x8, such as using emojis or symbols.

The masks themselves are made of cotton and are washable. In addition, JabberMask masks allow battery savings through Sleep Mode.

Currently, the campaign has achieved just over half of the funding target, set at about $50,000, with an additional 28 days of the campaign ahead. The negative part is that we will have to wait until May of next year for the start of the shipments of the masks, with shipments anywhere in the world, in case you have achieved the funding objective.

In any case, it is a rather striking solution that will not leave anyone indifferent, ideal to protect, but also to use at parties at any time, whether there is a pandemic or not.

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