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It seems that science and religion have found a place to converge. This is due to an AI project carried out by George Davila Durendal, an engineer and researcher who was tasked with creating a series of algorithms to then nurture them with passages from King James' Bible, in order to generate Old Testament-style dialogues.

With the name"Jesus AI, learned and absorbed"Durendal expressed that his project analyzes every word of the Bible in greater depth than the best monks who have ever existed, resulting in a well-structured verse of his own.

To achieve this, AI Jesus was fed by a dataset composed of more than 30 thousand words, which were used to generate the verses around 3 themes: The Plague, Caesar, and The End of Days.

AI Jesus writes Bible-inspired verse

And while there are more than 2500 versions of the Bible, Durendal leaned towards King James' version of being best suited to train his Jesus AI in aspects such as vocabulary, grammar, and syntax, and this is also one of the most read and popular versions of the Bible in the English language.

However, despite his prodigious performance, Durendal admitted that his project still has some grammatical errors as well as inaccuracies in some points. To solve it, Durendal made code changes and introduced 3 new themes: Blood, Greeks, and Wisdom. The result? A text with fewer errors, but lacking the artistic skill and prose of prophet present in its initial functions.

Biblia artificial

In his words:

In theory, big data and data-driven analysis should be able to create the 'perfect' literary work, which is superior in literary quality and best-selling. However, authors don't need to worry yet. Scientists predict they will need two more decades of development, as today's algorithms lack 'intuition'.

In reference to this, Durendal noted that it might be possible to develop a model with fewer failures and able to take artistic freedoms or a more competent model at the technical level with more worldly writing, but not both.

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