LG's most surreal mobile leaks into a video that leaves us even more surprised

LG Wing pantalla giratoria

In 2007 Apple introduced the first iPhone and with it clearly marked the trend in the design of what mobiles would be: devices that would seek to maximize the screen area in a rectangular format.

It has taken many years for us to start changing this approach with folding mobiles but it is fair to recognize that there has been a company that has tried several times to change this: LG.

The company that opted for modular mobiles and auxiliary screens is now developing a mobile with a very new double screen system that leaves us with many doubts.

This opens and closes the LG Wing
As we have seen, this mobile will use a pivoting system that will allow you to rotate one screen on the other, although until now it had not been seen moving.

As you can see in the video, the usability at one hand of this mobile is practically non-existent if we want to open or close it. It's similar to what happens with large-format folding ones like the Fold.

Once closed we are faced with a large mobile phone, but not very different from other smartphones.

On the other hand, many do not have just seen the utility of having a screen and half in view except in very specific scenarios such as watching the chat in a live video.

Even having the keyboard down doesn't make much sense if that makes the conversation go horizontally in apps like Telegram or WhatsApp. And yes, in some other video we've seen some game adapted to it, but we already know that this won't happen with most titles.

The LG Wing 5G, which looks like it will be the trade name for this product, will be introduced this month, although there is still no data on its availability, so it could focus on a few Asian markets like South Korea and Japan.

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