Paying the bill as a group will be easier with what's new in Google Pay

Google Pay just Added this Handy New Option to Make Paying Restaurant Bills  a Lot Easier for Groups - Xanjero

A known situation for anyone is to go out to dinner with friends and then have to split the price of that dinner among all. Or split the payment of certain bills among the roommates. These are heavy processes, having to be calculating how much each has to pay. Luckily, our Android mobile is a help, with apps with which to order or send money, available in Spain. Google Pay is also looking to make this easier.

Google Pay is testing a new option called "Split the Bill". Thanks to it you can split the payment of some purchase, dinners, subscriptions, or in the payment of invoices with others in an easier way. It will help to end up with many headaches in such situations.

Google Pay Send the Bill

Google Pay to make it easier to pay bills in half
This new feature in Google Pay has been released in Singapore, which is usually a place where new features are first released before its global release. Split the Bill is the big novelty that is introduced in Google's payments app in this case and is expected to be released internationally.

Using this feature, users will be able to create groups to organize and manage payments directly in the app. You can also split invoices, as seen on your behalf, as well as other joint charges within the app itself. Also, recurring groups can be created, if certain expenses are common, such as if you have a subscription on a service with multiple people. Google has also explained the steps to take to use it.

  1. Open Google Play.
  2. Press + to choose new Payment and then choose Split the Bill.
  3. Select a group or contact list.
  4. Enter the amount of the invoice to be paid (you can add a description of it).
  5. Put how much money each person in the group owes you.
  6. Submit that request.

Testing is limited to Singapore for now, waiting for this feature to arrive globally in Google Play. Although so far it is unknown when this feature will be released for everyone in the Google Payments app. We'll have to wait for more news from Google. What is known is that it will reach both Android and iOS.

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