Redmi Watch, Redmi's smartwatch could arrive in October

Redmi Watch Spotted on BIS Listing, Could Launch in August - TizenHelp

Everything seems to indicate that the presentation of the Redmi Watch will be held very soon. According to the latest rumors, Redmi's smartwatch could become official in October.
Last year, Xiaomi introduced in China the Mi Watch, the first smartwatch of its brand with a design that is quite reminiscent of the Apple Watch. A few weeks later, the Asian company announced the Xiaomi Mi Watch Color, a smartwatch especially aimed at young people, with a round dial and more than 1,000 color combinations. This device will reach the international market renamed Mi Watch Revolve, and is postulated as a very interesting alternative to using in the day to day for its good value for money.
Now, Redmi is preparing to launch her own smartwatch. The red Watch's first rumors began to ring in late 2019 and, although the device is being kept waiting, everything points to its length being around the corner.

Redmi's first smartwatch could launch in August according to leak

According to a report by the specialized gizmochina medium, Redmi's smartwatch has just passed the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) certification. It has done so under the model name REMWT01 and, it is said in Weibo, its launch could take place next October.
At the moment, the features of the Redmi Watch are unknown. Rumor has it that it will be equipped with long battery life and that your operating system will be Android Wear, but none of these details are clear yet.

After Mi Smart Watch, Xiaomi is working on Redmi Watch: Confirms Redmi GM

As for its design, considering that the Redmi brand is aimed at a young audience, we can expect its appearance to distance itself from that of the Apple Watch-inspired Mi Watch and follow the Mi Watch Revolve line. In that case, the regime's smartwatch will feature a circular dial and focus on offering many different color settings.
The Redmi Watch will be the second wearable of the brand. The first was Rethe dmi Band, the smart bracelet with rea rectangular screen that was announced last April. Now a, ll we have to do is wait to see if the rumors are right and we know Redmi's smartwatch this October.

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