Reevo, a futuristic electric bike with wheels without spokes

credit: third party image reference
The segment of electric bikes continues to evolve to the point of finding proposals that stand out from the usual, as is the case of Reevo, the new urban bike that stands out, firstly, for having wheels without spokes, and on the other, for its integrated safety systems.
The bad thing about this model will be its somewhat high price, although on the day of its launch it will be offered under 43% discount, reaching $1,899 versus $3,349 which will be its usual price.
Also, there is currently a long waiting list, perhaps because there are few units or because their unique style does not go unnoticed by many people, who have become third party image reference
Be that as it may, this curious model dispenses with conventional wheels, instead of using a curious system of wheels without radius or rims, composed of a sturdy but light core, which supports a roof that does the function of the rim, including the function of air chamber inside, to allow travel through the cities, the environment in which it focuses for travel.
Also, it has a triple security system, since initially, you will have to go through a fingerprint unlocking mechanism to be able to start its use. Added to this is a lock integrated into the rear wheel, and finally, there is the inclusion of a GPS to enable its location at all third party image reference
An interesting detail is that the wheels themselves have LED lights of 800 lumens, similar to the amount of light from the bulbs of the houses, which will turn on automatically in low lighting conditions.
Moreover, it is an electric bike that offers a fairly avant-garde frame design, with a matte black finish, which for Europe will come with a 250W engine, also integrating a removable 48V battery, which allows a full charge in 3 hours.
Also, it allows travel up to a maximum of 25 kilometers per hour in electric mode and uses a shoe braking system. Once it's officially sold, it'll be interesting to see it on the streets, and it might remind us of futuristic movies.

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