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If you need to create a three-dimensional person in various postures and a few minutes, take a look at the web that I tell you today.

This is Reference, a web tool created to make it easy to move the joints of a 3D model, both feminine and male.

Upon entering you will see a character with some tojo points, points that we can control to move the desired joint. After making all the combinations you want, you can download the model and use it as you want.

In the side menu, we see that there is the possibility to remove the base mesh, as well as give the solid appearance to the figure, something recommended to perform after having created the desired position.

The result is a PNG file of our composition, a file that we can use for our drawing class (try to copy it in pencil, for example), to illustrate our website with exercise poses or any other purpose.

The project was created by Ritesh Kumar, who works with Web and React to create works of art like this.

More joints are missed so that as many postures as possible are multiplied, something similar to what we can do with the small wood models that we use in drawing class.

If what you're looking for in a tool that helps create human models without moving their joints, remember MPI BodyTalk.

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