Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, analysis and opinion

Análisis Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung is the only company that keeps fighting from you to you with Apple in every segment. Others like Huawei or Xiaomi have tried it, but in the end, only Samsung has left no longer for its 'Pro' products competing against those of Apple(Galaxy Tab S7+ vs iPad Pro; Galaxy Buds Live vs AirPods Pro; Note 20 Ultra vs iPhone Pro Max), but for moving in the same price range.

On smartwatches, South Koreans don't have things as clear as in the rest of the product lines. And Apple is going to a new generation per year that differs in some key features from the previous one, but Samsung... No.

Behind the Gear line, in 2018 we had the first generation of Active -here our analysis- and the first Galaxy Watch - and here its corresponding review. In 2019 we only saw the Active Watch 2... and now we have a Galaxy Watch 3 (they have skipped the second generation completely) that collects what we liked so much about the first Watch and that arrives with news in terms of health tracking.

Análisis Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Bigger, thinner, and more elegant than the previous generation
It has been two years since the launch of the first Watch and considering that, in many respects, the two watches are very similar (including the hardware, something we will see later), Samsung had to encourage the owners of that model to leap somehow.

He has done so with a design that does not break with the above, but that does entrench that idea that the Watch is the elegant watch of his catalog. In features, the Active 2 and Watch 3 are identical, but in design and control... no.

Let's go with the obvious, which is the resizing. Samsung has refined the design of its smartwatch to be smaller and thinner (in both sphere sizes) than the previous generation. They are also lighter, and in the end, on day-to-day life, this is appreciated.

Análisis Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

The analyzed 45 mm model has a 1.4", 0.1" larger screen in less space than the original 46-millimeter Galaxy Watch. It is smaller than the previous one, yes, but it is still a watch not suitable for all kinds of dolls because the 'plate' is a considerable size. Also, the thickness is 11.1 mm compared to 13 mm of the previous generation and the weight remains at 54 grams without a strap.

Speaking of the strap, the one supplied on this occasion is the most 'elegant' version, a leather strap instead of the rubber strap of the original that does looks better in some appointments and that, above all, makes the set more refined and less gross than the original Watch with the rubber strap. However, many of us would prefer it to be fake leather, but what will be done to it...

The straps are interchangeable as long as, for the 45 mm model, they are the 22 mm ones. We can buy a compatible metal strap, they are worth those of the previous generation and, also, we can get rubber straps that are more suitable for sports.

Bright screen and with the best control system
On a day-to-day life, it's comfortable to always wear the Watch 3 as it does, it bulks up, but it doesn't weigh too much and, also, your screen is a real taste as a notification viewer.

It is clear that, as on a mobile, the screen of a smartwatch is key because it is the element with which we will view the contents, the clock itself, and with which we will interact, although in this case, it is not the only one.

In the analyzed model we have a screen of 1.4" with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels. It is a proper resolution because it allows us to see everything that is displayed on the screen comfortably without distinguishing pixels unless we stay closely looking for a little while.

Análisis Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Also, and this is the strong point, it's a SuperAMOLED panel. Samsung has shown that its panels not only feature vibrant colors but are also able to deliver a level of brightness that's right for virtually any situation.

On a day-to-day life, we haven't had any complaints with the Galaxy Watch 3 and its viewing both indoors and outdoors. The automatic brightness works very well, adapting precisely and quickly to the ambient light. In fact, I've only gotten into the manual setup section for the Galaxy Watch 3 video analysis shots, like the rest of the time, both indoors and in full sun, I was more than satisfied with the automatic brightness.

Experience everyday use and first steps
In design, we have seen a step forward, but inside Samsung has been conservative to the point of maintaining the SoC it introduced in 2018 with the first Galaxy Watch 3. The Exynos 9110 is the heart of the computer, a 1.15 GHz dual-core processor that, as we say, is the same one that South Koreans have used in their Watch, Watch Active, and Active 2.
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