Sony OLED Master Series A9 48", analysis and opinion

Sony OLED A9

Sony Master Series A9 belongs to the most premium range of OLED TVs of 2020, but its focus is not on offering the best for a privileged few, but bets on a more compact format so that space is not again an obstacle to enjoy the best image quality of 2020.

OLED TVs are increasing their popularity by leaps and bounds. This increase in demand also lowers their manufacturing cost, which means that the selling prices of these TVs are not as prohibitive as it was just a couple of years ago.

However, OLED TVs still had to bridge a barrier to become best-sellers: their size. High-end TVs have been climbing in inches, so if a user wanted to enjoy the highest quality, they were required to buy a TV of more than 65" that doesn't always fit in the living room furniture.

Sony Master Series A9 from 2020 inherits all the quality offered by the Sony AG9 Master Series panel that we have already analyzed, but it does so in a format that fits in any room. Will it be worth a 48-inch "single" OLED TV? We found out in this analysis of the 2020 Sony A9.

Sony OLED A9

A familiar design that has been refined
The design of TVs is becoming increasingly relevant as it is such a bulky device it must be integrated with the decoration of its surroundings. In this sense, Sony has been betting for several generations on elegant and discreet minimalism that gives all the prominence to the screen and dispenses with the unnecessary.

The Sony OLED A9 maintains the same style and silhouette as the 2019 OLED AG9, but bets on more refined materials without such an industrial style, retaining that solid look despite its slender profile that at the ends is limited to the 4 mm thickness of the screen.

While high-end OLED TVs are getting bigger, Sony is betting on a TV with a 48-inch screen with dimensions of 106.9 x 62.9 cm. A very contained diagonal with which the door opens to many homes that do not have much space for the TV.

Sony OLED A9

The most premium controller but no light
Sony has revamped some details of the remote controls included in its 2020 high-end TVs. One of the new features was (at last) the backlight of the buttons to be able to use it in the dark without the need to turn on a light.

However, Sony has reserved these backlit button controls for its top range of 8K TVs and leaves TVs designed to enjoy cinematic content in gloom such as this Sony OLED A9 without that feature and forces the user to flash the buttons almost blindly or with the light of the TV itself.

Still, Sony has redesigned the remote control included in this range to give them a more premium feel with the use of metal all over the front and a less rough back using rubber buttons that feel-good quality. Excessive control length is maintained.

The distribution of the buttons on the controller is typical of Sony with three distinct zones formed by the playback and channel selection controls at the bottom.

In the center, the control and configuration area with the circular pad and navigation buttons to move around the interface. In a prominent place of this group, we find the voice assistant button that allows you to send voice commands to the TV.

Sony OLED A9

Sony A9 2020 reduces its size but not it's quality
The A9 Series TVs are the only OLED of 2020 that make up the top Master Series panels of the Japanese brand. This ensures a much more accurate and true color calibration than the content creators established in their works.

We're talking about a 10-bit, 48-inch TRILUMINOS OLED panel with 4K UHD resolution (3,840 x 2160 px) and HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision support.

Although the latter applies it peculiarly since it is not processed from Dolby hardware as in the vast majority, but is ordered by the X1 Ultimate processor itself, the same processor that the 8K models mount. For lack of power other than.

Sony OLED A9

Android 9 with Sony's new rich interface
The relationship between Android TV and Sony has continuity in this 2020 A9 and it does so by the hand of Android TV 9 with an improved interface in the TV settings, making it easier to adjust the image modes with a small explanation in each of the options.

Also, the 2020 Sony A9 we're analyzing integrates Sony's new quick settings system that allows immediate access to image, sound, and input source profiles by pressing a single button on the controller.

Betting on Android TV has the clear advantage of ensuring compatibility with Google services, such as YouTube, Google Play Movies, or Google Assistant, but especially with Google Play and its more than 5,000 compatible apps.

Among them are the apps of the main video streaming platforms, music, and games like Asphalt, which you can play directly from the TV by linking a Bluetooth controller like that of the PS4.

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