Sony will manufacture fewer PS5 joins than expected: will there be PlayStation 5 for everyone

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According to different sources, Sony would only have 4 million PS5s for release, less than half of what they expected to build a few months ago. Remembering the situation with Nintendo Switch is inevitable to wonder if there will be PS5 for everyone at its launch.
The PS5 release date is one of the great unknowns of recent months. Microsoft has already moved tab with the announcement of the price and release of both Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X and Sony plans an event by tomorrow at 22:00 in which it will supposedly unveil the price of PS5.
The latest rumors bet for 499 euros for PS5, matching that of Xbox One X, and 100 euros less for the 'All Digital' model, which is basically the same console, but no reader. However, there may not be consoles for everyone in the coming third party image reference
And while sony was said to be preparing 11 million consoles for release a few months ago, Bloomberg reveals that forecasts have fallen to 4 million PS5s for release.
They may have to cover bookings, but with four million launch consoles it's difficult to meet the huge demand that will be generated on the dates it comes out, as Thanksgiving - one of the most important shopping periods in the world - and the Christmas holidays come together.
We will see what the reception of PS5 is and, above all, if those 4 million units can meet the third party image reference
The truth is that the production of any type of hardware in a situation like the current one is complicated and, precisely, PlayStation 5 highlights some of the problems that development companies have had to go through.
Whatever it is, and as we told you with the new Xbox Series models, if you are interested in the console you better reserve it as soon as the booking period opens, since it is not "pleasant" to live a situation like the one we had with Nintendo Switch, a console that had a great initial acceptance and that was more than three months out of stock in many shops, with very high resale prices.

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