Tasker will allow you to customize the Android 11 power menu

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It's been several weeks since Android 11 became official, following several betas over the past few months. The new version of the operating system, which will start reaching users in Spain these months, has left us with several new features. One of them is the new power menu, from which you can control smart devices for the home from it.

By holding down the power button on the phone, you can access this power menu, where users can view those connected smart home devices and control them from it, such as making them turn off or on. Although accesses are limited, thanks to Tasker this will change.

Tasker improves Android 11 power menu
Tasker seeks to improve shortcuts in this new power menu on Android 11. Therefore, in the new beta of the application (number 5.9.4), you can already see the new possibility to customize this menu on your phone. Since it will be possible to add buttons of the Tasker itself in that menu so that clicking on them will allow you to perform a task that you have set in the application.

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These tiles will function as buttons to perform a function on the phone, which is not intended only for home automation. Especially since many users may not have smart home devices, but want to be able to take advantage of this new menu in the operating system. This new beta app makes it possible.

In Tasker, the new action called Power Menu Action has been introduced, which is where you will be able to create a button with a specific action, which can be entered in this new power menu on Android 11. Also, the application allows you to create buttons that change throughout the day, for further customization.

To enjoy this feature you have to join the new Tasker beta, something possible in this link. Thus, when you are going to receive Android 11 on your phone, which could be one of the models already confirmed, you will be able to customize that menu thanks to the application.

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