The first commercial quantum computer is on the way

IBM Introduces First Integrated Quantum Computing System for Commercial Use

Using quantum computers in particular companies and environments is getting closer every day. Can you imagine working with one every day? It'll be possible soon.

Research in quantum environments and the development of computers that leverage them have improved considerably in recent years. Although much remains to be found out, and therefore improve, the data ahead is impressive and its potential advantages are already discussed in different environments other than the scientific one.

UK's first commercial quantum computer to be developed by US startup Rigetti

So much so that in the UK they are already building what will be the country's first commercial quantum computer. It will have a perspective directly focused on the professional field and hope that it will soon serve as a great help for the industrial and business sector of the country.

As with large computers that occupied an entire room decades ago, these are often the first steps before improving in all their features and technologies, as well as extending their use.

This quantum computer, which has been promoted by Science Minister Amanda Solloway, will be located in Abingdon and will be able to access it through the cloud the different companies that want to test its use and the capacity that it has to improve machine learning functions, simulations and, of course, finance.

IBM world-first commercial quantum computer is called Q System One

The initial investment will be about 11 million euros and the company that will develop this Rigetti Computing computer, something especially striking to be American. In the government's plans is the one that in 2023 is fully operational.

Will this move towards business make a difference? We will see, there are many hopes with these computers, but also doubts about the actual use they may have. Still, I'm sure investing in them serves to expand the fields of research.

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