The most common problems with Galaxy S20s and how to fix them

Common Samsung Galaxy S20 Problems and How to Fix Them | Digital Trends

The range of Samsung Galaxy S20s has already been on sale in Spain for several months, one of the most outstanding phone families in the most powerful segment on Android. This time, Samsung has left us with three models in this range (S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra). As with any phone on the market, these devices can also suffer some problems when it comes to working.

In the case of Galaxy S20, certain issues are quite common, which many users with one of these three devices have ever faced. That's why we leave you with what these most common problems are, as well as their solutions to them.

The refresh rate changes
The Galaxy S20 range comes with displays with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Although not all applications support that rate and there are times when we do nothing, it is changed to 60 Hz. Also if your phone's temperature rises too much, something that happens if you've been playing for a long time or taking photos, change to 60 Hz. For many, it is a very annoying problem, as is understandable. What can be done?

Keep your phone up to date: Samsung has released an update for devices that corrects that error, allowing that refresh rate to not change like this.
Manually change: If you haven't updated or it didn't work well, you always have the option to adjust it manually, within the screen section in your phone's settings. So you can put it back at 120 Hz.

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Problem with push notifications
Using battery-saving mode or reducing certain processes or apps in the background has consequences for the operation of many of them, causing problems with app notifications. This is something that many users with one of the Galaxy S20 have noticed, which you see as push notifications from messaging or mail apps arrive very late. This is a problem for many users.

Set up battery optimization: There may be apps for which these notifications are throttled or blocked, preventing them from working well. So, if you go to Settings > Apps > Battery Optimization > Apps and look there for those apps with which there are problems and remove them from that list, so that they issue notifications normally again.
Pin the app: You can pin the app to work in the background. Open the recent apps menu and then tap the keep icon open to run fast, so the app is pinned and you won't have any problems with notifications.
Check notifications: You may not have noticed you've removed notifications from that app on your phone. So check in the Notifications section if you have deleted them or if you have limited any kind of notification of this application and give them again in case it does.

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Smart Lock Failures
Many users with any of the Galaxy S20 have encountered issues with Smart Lock. Despite having configured this function in the phone settings, in most cases it does not seem to work. It occurs especially when using Smart Lock based on location, such as at home or in the office. The origin of this failure can be varied, so there are certain aspects to consider:

GPS Issues: On some Galaxy S20 there were problems with GPS, something Samsung has fixed with an update for phones, so Smart Lock would have to work.
Set a Bixby Routine: The Bixby Routines feature (within the advanced options in the settings), you can configure one so that you don't have failures when using Smart Lock at home or in the office.

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Camera focus
A problem that affected the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which many of you will surely have noticed if you have this model. Since there were problems with the camera focus on this high end, something that Samsung has finally fixed with the update for this model, where the camera focus already works correctly, at least by improving the initial results and offering a solution that at least fixes this annoying problem.

Problems with Android Auto
Problems with Android Auto and Google Assistant have affected all types of phones on Android, including this Galaxy S20s. Because of this failure, it was impossible to use the wizard because there was said to be a connection problem present. 

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