The most common WhatsApp Web issues and how to fix them

Common WhatsApp Web problems and fixes - Gizbot News

WhatsApp Web is the desktop version of the messaging application, which allows you to use the app in the browser on your computer, as we already tell you. A version is known to users in Spain, but as with the normal version of the application, can also suffer several problems in its operation.

If you're ever using WhatsApp Web, you may have encountered one of its most common problems. Therefore, if you have ever had failures when using this version of the application, we leave you with a series of solutions to try to make everything work again.

Connection problems
One of the most common problems when using WhatsApp Web is that there is a bad connection. Either your computer or phone has such a bad connection, but this prevents you from using this version of the messaging app. When the connection is bad, the app usually displays a warning in the top left, saying that either the mobile or computer is offline.

  • Check the connection: The notice that the connection is bad is somewhat true, so it is good to check if your connection, both on the phone and the computer works well. If there are connection issues in one, try using another one (switch from data to WiFi, for example).
  • Has the app been closed on your mobile?: Are their times when this notice is given that you have no connection, although you may have closed WhatsApp on your phone, which prevents it from syncing with the computer version. If you've closed it, you have to open it again, so everything works fine.

What to do if WhatsApp Web is not working?

WhatsApp Web doesn't issue notifications
When you use WhatsApp Web, notifications are issued in this version on your computer when you receive a message. Although notifications in this version depend on the browser. This means that there are several things to check, which explain why you don't receive notifications when you use this version of the app on your computer.

  • Internet connection: If the connection has been dropped at any time, either on your phone or on your PC, you will not receive notifications. So check if the connection is working well so that the two applications are synchronized.
  • Blocked notifications?: You may have blocked or muted notifications in your browser, so when you receive a message on WhatsApp Web, no notification is issued in your account. Check in the browser if this is the case, if so, unlock the notifications again.
  • Blocked in Windows 10: It may be something from your operating system, not your browser, that causes you to not receive notifications. On systems like Windows 10, you have a feature called Concentration Assistant, a kind of Do Not Disturb Mode, which if you have enabled, blocks notifications.

How To Fix WhatsApp Web Not Working On PC

There's another session open
WhatsApp Web is used in the browser on your computer, while you have the application open on your phone. Although it's possible that sometimes if you try to enter a different browser, it won't let you do it. The reason for this is that you already have an open session in the application since for now, it is impossible to have two sessions or tabs open with the application.

  • Use the browser you always use: If you're using another browser, open the browser you usually always use to enter WhatsApp Web. If it's in the same browser, check the other tabs, because it's open in another one.
  • Sign out: If you get this message in the usual browser and it prevents you from opening the app, it is best to log out from the app on Android, because this way you will have to start again and log in again, without any problems.
  • Is it you?: If you don't have WhatsApp Web open anywhere, but you come up with this notice that another session is open, it could happen that someone has logged in without your permission. Therefore, it is best to log out, to prevent someone else from using your account.

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