These are the best smart watches for swimming: they count meters, calories and even calculate the SWOLF

A good sports watch for swimming is not as common as you might think, and that is that although many models take basic data, not all do well or provide additional useful information, such as the pace or number of strokes.

If you're in this world, you'll know that there's data that provides a lot of information, such as knowing how far you're going through each stroke, something that's usually calculated "by hand" but you can already have directly on your mobile with some of the best smartwatches for swimming.

Almost all brands, at least brands that have an interest in the sports industry, have at least one watch that measures distance traveled, calories, lengths, and even styles, plus an important capital metric: the SWOLF.

If you don't know it, the SWOLF is a swimming efficiency index, resulting from crossing data such as distance traveled, speed, and the number of strokes used to travel that distance. The better the index, the better technique you have, and the better your form.
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Others also measure the underwater heart rate, which is a fairly large technical difficulty.

In this list of the best swimming watches, there are several that surely sound to you and others that do not. Here they go.

Huawei Watch GT 2
The first of the specialized watches for a sport that serves (and very well also) for swimming is from Huawei. Today it is one of its flagships, with performance quite similar to the GT 2 Pro but somewhat cheaper in terms of price.

As for what's related to sport and swimming, the Huawei Watch GT 2 is perfect because it calculates the distance, lengths, pace, and calories burned. Also, take your heart rate.

With all this data, it also gives you the SWOLF metric, although there is a problem: it does not detect the swimming style, so you will have to assign it later from the mobile phone or with a document in which you think about what each series made consist of.

Apple Watch Series 6 (and Series 5 too)
Now we move on to one of the most interesting watches in this list, although you must have an iPhone to use it. Otherwise, you'd better walk past the next chosen one.

If you have an iPhone it is almost in total probability the best choice, since as a smart and sporty watch it is priceless, beyond swimming.

In a swimming pool, take all the data you need, although it should be clarified that for a somewhat more complex measurement you need to make use of some external apps. Apple watch series 6 and also Series 5 indeed take distance, lengths of time, but not SWOLF, for example.

For that, you need to resort to apps like MySwimPro (under subscription) that do extract all the information. If applicable, you'll need to manually enter the train in its app before you get into the pool, how the Watch knows when your rest time runs out, or what style it's like to swim.

Along with external apps and their sensors, the Apple Watch Series 6 is undoubtedly one of the best watches for swimming, especially since it also has other added functions, such as measuring the VO2 Max or doing an electrocardiogram.

Garmin Swim 2
If we get a little away from watches from pure and hard tech brands, we arrive at Garmin, which certainly has a lot to say about sports watches of all kinds, and yes, also in swimming pools and open water.

Many of its watches also count long or meter, but not like the Garmin Swim 2, which is the best sports watch for swimming, objectively speaking.

It is because it is one of the few that detects changes in style, something that if you swim almost professionally you will value and a lot. No having to introduce training by hand: this watch detects everything and does it very well.

Of course, calculate the SWOLF metric, which you can see in the Garmin app. It also has audible and vibration alerts when you have to leave the wall to make a new series, so it's for all purposes like a personal trainer.

Sync notifications from your mobile, such as calls or messages from some apps, although it's far from a smartwatch that matches your Apple Watch or Huawei Watch GT 2, something you can see with the naked eye on your screen, much more limited.

Polar Vantage M
We go down a step in terms of swimming performance, and this Polar model is a multisport watch that also includes swimming, although it does not offer as many metrics as the previous ones.

Its advantage is that it perfectly complements swimming data with those of other sports such as cycling or running, so it's ideal if you just want to know your pace, how much you've swimming, or how many strokes you've given and you'd rather contribute more outside the pool than inside.

Fitbit Versa 2
Like the previous model, we now move to a fitness-designed sports watch that also serves you for swimming, with good data collection and visualization, but is not a specialized watch at the level of Garmin Swim 2 much less.

That said, as with the Polar Vantage M, it's a great purchase if you're an occasional swimmer, as you won't miss all those high-level metrics offered by others.

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