Mobile : This is Tivify, the streaming service that also recommends content  from Netflix and other platforms

We're wasting a lot of time deciding what we're going to see tonight. What if Netflix, that if Disney Plus, that if TV open, that if HBO... the situation is becoming more complicated, and today we are presented with a solution to the issue.

It is Tivify, a platform that was born in Spain to group in a fantastic interface all the titles of the platforms, as well as open TV, so that we can see what they have "thrown" on TV at any time, along with the various titles of the streaming platforms.

The project is from TVUP Media Telecom, and orders more than 80 channels offering personalized recommendations of content for the user, with the availability of the platform on multiple screens, the restart of live programs, the recovery of content already broadcast, the recordings in the cloud and the possibility to control the playback of the life and the deferred.

This platform just out of the oven orders the infinite content available on  television and streaming services | En24 News

In the presentation they tell us:

As you can see, most people still watch open TV. 191 minutes versus 17 minutes of streaming, so a need to centralize the content becomes apparent.

In Tivify they group the most popular channels and the streaming services that appear in the market. Upon entering we will see the various titles offered, and we will be able to make "zapping" comfortably. DDT channels are displayed with higher quality than is usually obtained directly from the antenna.

The service, offered for less than 5 euros per month (4.99 euros per month or 49.95 euros per year), will be broadcast from smart apps and TVs, although they continue to work to increase compatibility with different models. About the price, they indicate:

This platform just out of the oven orders the infinite content available on  television and streaming services | En24 News

This plan includes DDT channels, regional and local channels (depending on subscriber location), international channels, and niche channels. Also, it allows you to register up to 5 devices with the same account and enjoy the service on two devices at the same time. The user has 100 hours of recordings, available in the cloud for 50 days.

You can also hire the Tivify XL plan, which costs 6.99 euros per month or 69.95 euros per year. Unlike the basic plan, it also includes premium themed channels, allows you to link up to 8 devices, and simultaneous use of the platform on three devices. Also, the user has 350 hours of recordings, available in the cloud for 100 days.

These are the devices currently approved, from the Xiaomi MiBox to Philips and Sony TVs, mobiles, and web browsers. They're already working on Chromecast and Amazon's Fire Stick.


Here we have the main screen of Tivify, where we see in the side menu the "channels" that we can access, and in the center the titles that we are viewing and recommended, mixing various sources.

At the time of playback of the content, we can see it from the beginning (something very useful in case it is currently being transmitted), select the language, and see tabs of what we are seeing. Logically, this depends on whether languages and subtitles are available on the original platform. In open TV movies, for example, there are no original version options, everything is dubbed, just like it is broadcast on TV in Spain.

In the My Recordings section, we can access movies and series, without having to worry about storage space.

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