Verified google call, now available in Spain and Mexico

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Receiving a call from an unknown phone can be the beginning of an adventure on the roads of spam, or worse, the start of a scam.
There are so many scams that are performed every day over the phone, that people have started to distrust any calls that come from someone who is not among their contacts, and that is a problem for companies, who discover that their customers do not even answer the calls made.
According to Google itself, a company that has been studying this fact for a long time, spam and fraudulent calls erode business confidence and increase costs for third party image reference
To that end, they launched Google Verified Calls, calls showing the caller's name, logo, the reason for the call, and a verification symbol indicating that the company has been authenticated by Google.
The process is secure, and Google does not collect or store any personally identifiable information after third party image reference
Verified Calls is a feature in the Google Phone app, which comes preloaded on many Android phones and will be available to download starting this week on even more Android devices.
Based on google's studies in other countries, it improves the likelihood of someone answering a call and helps reduce business costs. From banks calling to alert a customer about a potentially fraudulent transaction, to a calling package delivery company to see if the customer is home, multiple companies already use the system.

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