Vodafone puts unlimited mobile data at all its contract rates

Vodafone upgrades thousands with unlimited 4G data amid COVID-19 crisis |  Express.co.uk

Unlimited data has gone from being a utopia to something very normal in a few years. Well, at least unlimited data with reasonable use, we all know what happens if you try to replace your fiber rate at home with a mobile line of unlimited data.

One of the pioneers in Spain was the operator Vodafone, which offered such rates in its most expensive proposals a while ago. Now he bets everything on it and has announced that all his contract clients will have unlimited data and calls.

Unlimited 5G data for all customers
The operator has confirmed that all customers who have a mobile line contract will become unlimited data and calls, with 5G coverage in the cities where there is one.

However, the step will not be free of charge and is that there will be a price increase of between 1.5 and 3 euros depending on the previous rate. This will mainly affect Mini and Extra fares.

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There are also improvements in fiber optics
Another announced change is the speed up for all users on your fiber network who had 100 Mbps. In the immediate future, the speed will be 300 Mbps.

The operator has confirmed that both changes will apply from November 15 and does not affect previous discounts that a customer may have. However, we are very afraid that with this price increase users who did not need unlimited data will end up paying more for something they will not use.

The browsing speed of each fare remains to be known as the British operator has three modes: maximum of 2 Mpbs, maximum of 10 Mbps, and unlimited. This may be what differentiates contract fees from now on.

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