We tried everything new about Huawei: smartwatches, headphones, and a couple of surprises

We spent the morning with Huawei testing the new devices that were introduced during the 2020 HDC, as well as being able to test them in sync alongside the entire company ecosystem. We also had the opportunity to learn about some of the Chinese giant's plans, especially in the wearable sector.

Want to know our impressions about new products and some interesting aspects of the future of the brand? Join us in this article.

The new Huawei product we liked the most: Freebuds Pro
At first glance, we found one more copy of Apple's excellent Airpods Pro, and although from Huawei they have insisted on creating an iconic design the differences are evident, at least in the part that goes inside the ear.

The "palito" that peeks through our ear has a more industrial finish, with straight lines and the logo of the brand. We have been able to observe the 3 colors, and although the ones that are stained less are the model in white, metallic gray ends up being the most differential and attractive.

Beyond the physical aspect, it's best to put them on and start enjoying the music. They are very comfortable and the surround sound is spectacular. Active noise cancellation is somewhat strange, as it applies intelligent scene recognition to override the background sound, but let go of certain powerful sounds, such as an alarm, we assume that also with dog barking and baby crying, but we have not been able to prove it. If someone speaks to us, they will also let some of the voice passes, so that we can see that they are talking to us.

The headset has low latency, and also applies to non-Huawei mobiles, and the case supports wireless charging and is capable of linking to 5 devices and being connected to two at a time, although you can only listen to one of the two devices. We could not ask for less because it is a high priced product, it must also be said.

Being a Huawei product they should have some advantage or other exclusive advantage if your mobile is also Huawei's. In this case, you'll have quick pairing (a popup will appear if you open the case next to your phone) and if you already had an older generation of Freebuds, you can still have your EQ profile.

Another that looks really good: Huawei Watch Fit
In an almost coordinated way, Huawei and Honor have taken out two very similar sports bracelets, and it is that we look at the data-sheet is practically the same product. Huawei's is a more expensive little, but it also denotes a high level of finish.

The wristband is capable of identifying up to 96 types of exercises and is capable of measuring heart rate, stress, and sleep among many other metrics. All these exercises included rowing and in the same room, they had a device for us to try to burn a few calories. I don't know what kind of person gets in his head to row tech journalists, but it's been fun.

What's surprising about the Watch Fit is how light and comfortable it is to wear. Huawei indicates that despite its size the battery lasts about 12 days, but it will have to be tested on a day-to-day life to see what that experience is like.

In a first impression outdoors it has given us the feeling that the maximum brightness may fall short, and it is practically what concerns us most about this device. During these days we will try it more thoroughly to see if it really makes the size or not.

The Huawei Watch GT2 Pro and the unknown key
We've also been able to touch Huawei's latest watch, the Watch GT2 Pro. At the specification level, it is a watch that has not enthused us much, since at the technical level it is practically equal to the GT2 and GT2e, with the difference that these right now are much more expensive.

The GT2 Pro is luxury in build quality, with titanium chásis, sapphire crystal, and the inner part in ceramic. It has very nice straps and is also compatible with standard 22 mm straps.

The excessive price of this watch beyond an exquisite quality of construction has an extra in technology compared to its younger siblings and is the addition of wireless charging. Unlike watches like the apple watch or Galaxy Watch, Huawei's watch is compatible with any wireless charger on the market and your phone's wireless charger is good for charging your watch.

The most interesting news on Huawei watches is mobile payments. GT2s are NFC-enabled, but they don't pay today. Huawei has confirmed to The Free Android that they are currently working on incorporating their NFC payment platform into the watch. Great news by the time it's over because this technology is key to premium watches.

The most curious headphones
Huawei has wireless headphones with active noise cancellation to do sport with fastening strap so you don't lose them in high-movement activities.

These headphones are curious that has caught our attention, and is that when you remove one of the two a USB C port appears to connect it to your mobile and charge your battery. The idea is cool and saves us to charge with one more cable.

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