What to do if your Android phone doesn't connect to your PC

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Connecting our Android mobile to the PC is something that most users in Spain have once done. Whether it's transferring files, using emulators, using phone apps on your computer, or installing an update. Unfortunately, there are times when such a connection is impossible and we find that the PC does not detect the phone.

This is something that surely has happened to many of you, that your computer does not detect the Android phone you are trying to connect. If this happens to you, there are several solutions to try, with which to make the PC go to detect the device, and everything works again.

Check the USB
The first thing that can happen is that you haven't connected the cable correctly between the two devices. That is why it is advisable to check if this cable is connecting your Android phone and PC correctly, as well as being on the correct port on your computer. Also try other ports, in case the port doesn't work ly.

If it is well connected, one aspect to consider is whether the cable works or not. A cable may have been chosen that does not work well, preventing the connection between the devices. Using a different cable might at least help you know if this is the source of the problem that prevents your PC from detecting your phone.

Also, we should not forget to check if it is the USB port, either from our Android phone or from the computer, which does not work in this case. There are times when USB on a mobile does not work, for which there are various solutions that we can try.

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Have you chosen the right mode on your Android mobile?
When you connect your Android phone to your PC, you have to choose what you want to do on your mobile screen. You may have connected your device and chosen an incorrect option or not the one you wanted, making it impossible for you to perform that operation you wanted, and it may seem like your computer isn't detecting your device.

If this is a possibility, disconnect the phone from the USB cable and connect it back to the computer. Thus, on Android, you will have this menu back on the screen, where you can choose the action you want to perform. If after doing this, the computer still does not detect the phone, then it is not something that originates in this step. It may also happen that this menu doesn't work out for you, so the connection hasn't been made.

Reboot devices
A solution that continues to work when there are problems with a device. Restarting both your Android phone and your PC can be a good way to make your computer detect your phone. The many processes running on both devices can fail and prevent the connection between the two from being possible.

That's why, it's likely that when you've restarted both, you'll be able to connect your Android phone to your PC and that your computer will detect it without any problems. It is better to restart both, as it may not be known which of the two caused the failure and in doing this we make sure that it will work.

How To Link Your Android or iOS Device To Windows 10?

Update your PC's drivers
The problem may reside on your PC, as the USB port you're connecting the cable to doesn't work. Updating the drivers on your computer, to end this problem in the USB port, is something that we can try. There are times when some drivers on Windows have become obsolete without us nodding.

With your phone connected, open Device Manager on your computer, where you can search for the driver. There it searches for updates for it so that it can proceed to its update. If an update is available, try connecting your Android phone again using USB. He's probably going to detect the phone again.

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