WhatsApp regains holiday mode, more or less

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WhatsApp is one of the leading messaging apps in Spain. Although its development is not as active as telegram can be, we do know new features that come to the platform, through the hidden code of the beta versions.

One of the most anticipated features was the holiday mode, a tool designed so that no one bothered you on vacation. The development of this feature was abandoned by WhatsApp but has somehow taken center stage again, reappearing in betas with a new name.

WhatsApp recovers holiday mode with the name it should have
The holiday feature for some reason or another was one of WhatsApp's most expected features. This feature disappeared, and now its functionality has reappeared.

This feature will now be integrated into Archived Chats, a feature that has been present in the app since 2014. From now on, when we archive a chat we will see a shortcut to the chats that are archived.

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The problem with archived chats is that when we receive a new message, this chat reappears and appears among our notifications. This is where the holiday mode function comes in.

Holiday mode is as simple as a setting called Notify New Messages. When you uncheck the option, messages that are archived will never show a notification again and exit the box for archived chats.

On a personal level, I find it very difficult to visualize WhatsApp holiday mode, although maybe it's because here on The Free Android we use Telegram for our professional communications. In the end, if you separate your personal account from the app you work with (which if it must be WhatsApp by obligation, another solution is to have two numbers to simply knock down the second line on your vacation) in the end your WhatsApp is always in holiday mode.

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