WhatsApp videos and photos with an expiration date: new details

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WABetaInfo has revealed new details about how WhatsApp's expired videos and photos work. We tell you what's new.

A few days ago, WABetaInfo, the portal specialized in reporting what's new in WhatsApp, revealed that the platform is about to receive a new feature: the videos and photos that self-destruct. Text messages with an expiration date that are automatically deleted have already appeared in the beta version late last year, and now we've seen the same feature for multimedia content as well.

Specifically, it is a new feature that allows you to send multimedia content such as videos, photos, or animated GIFs with an expiration date. In this way, users will have the possibility to attach content that will self-destruct once they have been seen once so that the recipients will not have access to them forever.

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This feature is especially useful for sending sensitive or sensitive content. Thanks to it, the sender can make sure that the receiver will not broadcast private content, since it will not be able to forward the video or photograph.

At first glance, waBetaInfo didn't give much detail about how WhatsApp's expired videos and photos work, but now they've released a new report that further explains how we can send media that self-destructs.

To send a video, photo, or GIFs with an expiration date, users will need to click the new icon called View Once, which will appear when the file is selected when the feature is accessible to everyone.

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The person who receives the content will see a message like the one you can see below in the image, which warns them that the file will disappear once they leave the chat. Perhaps it would be interesting if this message did not appear, since the receiver would not be prevented and could not perform actions such as taking a screenshot.

When you leave the chat, the content will disappear from the conversation, and you'll see a message instead indicating that the content had an expiration date and expired.

At the moment it is not clear when the new feature will arrive in the stable version of WhatsApp, so we will have to wait to be able to use it.

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