YouTube deploys Shorts, its counterattack on TikTok

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TikTok has set trend, other social networks and entertainment platforms add up to the style of vertical videos to compete against the Chinese app. YouTube announces Shorts.
Social networks are reinventing themselves, they are testing new formats with which to attract users. The last big revolution is the short and vertical videos of TikTok, everyone wants to have the success that this app has had.
First, it was Instagram with Reels and now you're joining YouTube. The video giant will first release a beta version in India. After that test, it will be deployed internationally in the official version. You attempt to compete directly with TikTok and the furor your app has third party image reference
Like this app, YouTube Short offers the possibility to share vertical videos of 15 seconds. These videos will appear on the home page in a row dedicated to Shorts, just as you already have a section very similar to Instagram Stories.
From what has been seen in the statement they have posted on their blog, the videos will have the option to include music. YouTube will offer up to 100,000 tracks and is working with artists and publishers to have even more catalog-linked content.
They don't seem to have many more editing options at the moment, so TikTok does. On the Chinese social network, which will now be owned by Oracle, you can include video effects, mixed reality tricks, and emoticons to give users more third party image reference
No exact date is known to launch YouTube Shorts in the rest of the world. Google will try to get all its users to use this new feature, it's 2 billion monthly users and its creators. To do this they will include authoring icons on the platform to make them easy to find. "We will definitely continue to innovate in all the different format sizes, including the really short format video," explained CEO Susan Wojcicki to NBC.

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