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One of the most important aspects when it comes to opting for a smartphone regardless of the brand is the battery section and the autonomy that it can provide.

This is a fairly essential element of the mobile since improper use of it can make the battery life itself less and shorter and can be damaged faster. For this reason, let’s explain what are the 4 most frequent habits that unfortunately can damage your mobile battery until it is finished long before the average lifespan.

Using low-quality chargers

Sometimes it can happen that by not buying an original charger directly, you resort to second-hand, low-quality or non-original options, this being one of the worst mistakes we can make. And while there are some options and brands that, in theory, offer more than similar performance to the original chargers, it is advisable to move from those offers and go to safety, although it may cost us a little more money.

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charge your smartphone in places with high temperatures

While it’s true that the ideal ambient temperature for charging a mobile is between 24-25 degrees Celsius, it’s not always easy to get a room or special place that provides that temperature, even more so in summer. Being so, the most logical thing is that under no circumstances do we leave charging the mobile in the direct sun or in rooms where it is very hot to avoid possible damage to the battery area.

Charging your phone every night

We should not make the battery suffer from our mobile point and end. This may be the most common habit that we make people who have smartphones, but you have to be clear that leaving your phone charging at night is not one of the best things we can do, this if what we want is to keep the lifespan to the fullest of our battery.

Yes, it may be the most comfortable as it’s really the only time of day when we’re not using our mobile, but there’s a record that this action can spoil the battery over time or even cause incidents, which is quite remote but you never know it can happen.

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Manipulating the battery itself

Finally, it arrives what may be the least common habit in general, but although most current mobiles do not have removable batteries, some models do. However, it is best and ideal not to touch, modify or remove the battery unless it is something completely necessary. In this way, we will ensure that it does not wear or damage while increasing its life expectancy.

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