A camera whose lens we can fill with liquid

Lomography's new 35mm camera is something special, it has a lens that we can fill with liquid, which can generate really interesting effects.

This is the HydroChrome Sutton's Panoramic Belair Camera, and they have decided to allow something like this so that some colourful effects can be added to the panoramic shots.

The specifications indicate that this way you can take photos with "vintage aesthetics, faded tones and radiant blur", just by putting water on the lens.

On the type of liquid, it is possible to put water-soluble and particle-free substances such as watercolour paint or food colouring. We can use tea or coffee, for example, but we must avoid alcohol, glue, oily solutions and corrosive substances.

The idea was in fact presented last year with the LomoMod No.1 cardboard camera, which used 120 films instead of 35 mm. Now they've decided to go to a tougher body.

As far as specifications are concerned, it has a fixed focus lens with a built-in f/11 aperture. Its price is only $79, so it's still a craving to create photos with effects ready to be uploaded to Instagram.

If you want to see the generated effects and the different types of liquid, check out this PDF and its website.

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