Amazon expands testing of electric cargo bikes to Europe

Amazon occupies a place of excellence in the world of logistics, to the point that in Spain, for example, they force you to pay as if it were a company of the same category of Post Office, rather than a simple online store.

The company wants to innovate in everything related to package delivery, from drones to electric cars, and now reports that it is starting to test electric cargo bikes for delivery in European cities.

In 2019 he began a pilot project in New York to test cargo bikes, always to reduce congestion of delivery vehicles. They also want to reduce carbon emissions and will test a variety of electronic cargo bikes in London and other EU cities.

It is clear that increasing online orders and delivering the next day is a fact, and delivery vans are overcrowded with work.

The information has been disclosed by Amazon to Business Insider earlier this month, but it has not given details of which cities, besides London, will start seeing Amazon electric bikes to tour what is called "the last mile".

Amazon is committed through The Climate Pledge to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2040. There's still a long way to go, yes, but if companies don't start preparing now, it's going to be 2039 and it's going to follow everything like so far, with electric cars just for the city and cities with more cars than scooters or bicycles.

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