An electric silicone toothbrush already exceeds 800,000 euros of investment in crowdfunding

credit: third party image reference
It seems that the world wanted an electric silicone toothbrush and no one knew it, or so reflected by the numbers of an invention that is surprising in Indiegogo.
This is the PomaBrush, the result of the work of Andrei Majewski, who tells his story on the platform:
For 2 years, I looked for the perfect electric toothbrush. One that cleaned efficiently, but didn't hurt my gums. I must have tried more than 30 different models, but none of them were what I was looking for. I realized silicone was the answer. And I had to do it myself.
When I said I was going to design the lightest electric toothbrush, perfect for travel and daily use, it would also be the most powerful (I would have 4 months of charging) everyone said it was third party image reference
That's right, it has put for sale a very light electric toothbrush, compact, Nueva, waterproof... silicone, and so far it has more than 800,000 euros of people who are booking your unit (sell them at 98 euros each). On Indiegogo it already exceeds 400,000, and in Kickstarter closed it with 375,000 euros.
It only has a single button, and the fact that it works 4 months on a single charge is really amazing, although it is important to note that the brush itself has 1 month of charging, it is its wireless case that extends it for 3 more third party image reference
When it comes to material, it has antimicrobial silicone bristles that do not damage the gums or enamel, a material that allows the bristles to be clean for longer (ask to change them once every 6 months).
Either way, we're talking about a simple toothbrush, nothing technologically innovative, but with materials and design that have aroused the curiosity of tens of thousands of people in no time.

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