Analysis of the Wiko View 5 Plus, great autonomy as a banner

We have a new smartphone coming to the Spanish market from Wiko, a device that points directly to the most competitive range today. We're talking about the phones around 200 euros, a chicken coop full of too many roosters.

And the new Wiko won't have it easy, as it will have to demonstrate its good arts to be able to stand out among so many rivals. Xiaomi, realme and Samsung have bet heavily on this segment, so all that smartphone that you intend to highlight, you must take care of every detail. Something we'll see in the next analysis.

A beautiful but delicate design

If you have characterized Wiko on your latest smartphones, it has been in the exquisite taste when choosing the design of your devices. Offering some finishes that come through the eyes from the first second and we must say that with the new Wiko View 5 Plus we follow that tradition.

The first thing that captures our attention is its weight by having it in hand, its 201 grams of weight is noticed although we will forget about them after a few minutes. But what really catches our gaze is the finish of the back panel, a kind of gradient that varies as the really precious light strikes.

On that panel, we find the rear fingerprint reader, in a natural position to unlock the phone as soon as we hold it. And the set of cameras, in a design that reminds us of a lot of Samsung on its latest devices. If we talk about the rest of the elements, we find the headphone jack and the USB Type-C port.

Putting our attention on the buttons, we see that we have the usual volume and ignition, with a good touch when using them. However, it highlights a third button responsible for running Google Assistant, which also has a rough texture for its location almost without looking.

The screen below expected

We have reached one of the sections where lately it is betting heavily. Encountering smartphones that carry 90Hz screens, the case of some realme, and even some Samsung with AMOLED display. So having a good screen has become a very important aspect.

How is the screen offered by the new Wiko View 5 Plus? Well, this is a 6.5-inch screen, 20:9 aspect ratio and IPS technology. So far a standard of what we can expect on a smartphone of that segment. However, the resolution is only 1600 x 720.

Something that might not be a problem, but that in the new Wiko stands out as not too positive appearance. Since we find a lack of sharpness in general, especially when reading texts is where it is most noticeable, offering a somewhat improvable user experience.

As for the colour representation, we find a correct representation and that we can also customize from the settings of the phone. However, especially speaking to the segment to which the new Wiko View 5 Plus is aimed, having such a screen is a problem. You know, comparisons are hateful and in this one, it loses.

Fair performance for the day-to-day

We come from a section where the new Wiko View 5 Plus has not finished convincing us and we come to another essential aspect on a smartphone. In terms of performance, we have seen how both Qualcomm and Mediatek have opted to offer products with a solvent performance at a low price.

However, in the new Wiko, we found none of the new bets of the two brands. Meeting a Mediatek MT6765, a processor that reminds us of another era and that on paper at this point loses in all comparisons.

And the reality is that the theory goes directly into practice, encountering a smartphone that opens applications in a solvent way, although we find some other point lag. But where you can especially see the processor located under the case in the new Wiko, it is in the multimedia section.

In simple games, we don't find too many problems, but when faced with more demanding games we start to see the shortcomings. Asphalt 9, Honkai Impact 3rd or the recent Genshin Impact make the Wiko View 5 Plus start sweating the case a bit. Showing that it offers fair and necessary performance.

Autonomy for several days

Once past this small desert crossing, we reached one of the strengths of the new Wiko View 5 Plus. In fact, it is what they are most proud of in Wiko regarding our protagonist, his 5000 mAh battery that puts on the table an autonomy proof of the most demanding use.

And it makes sense to brag about it by Wiko, since the figures are really spectacular, even making a demanding use of the phone we have come more than two days away from a plug. If we talk about screen hours, we exceed 10 hours and the consumption at rest is practically zero.

If we move it to figures, charging the 5000 mAh of the new Wiko, with its 10W charger, makes us leave at 3 long hours of waiting to have a full charge. So if we need to charge our smartphone, we will have to take it into account, as it will take longer than your rivals have us used to.

Connectivity and sound, discreet

We reach one of the sections in which a smartphone can position itself as an option to value or be directly discarded. We talk about connections and in the new Wiko View 5 Plus puts at our disposal a high percentage of what we can expect today.

Starting with the USB Type-C connection, a must-have at this point, along with the headphone jack that allows us to have FM radio wherever we go. Regarding wireless connections, we found WiFi 802.11 ac, accompanied by Bluetooth 4.2 technology and found an important absence for some.

No, it doesn't have NFC technology, so if you're one of those who want to leap mobile payments the new Wiko, unfortunately, falls off the options. At least, not as on previous occasions, this absence is something we find in many of their direct rivals. So in this section, we can declare a tie.

Moving on to the more multimedia section, the new Wiko View 5 Plus has a headphone jack, allowing us to use our usual headphones if we want. Following the sound, we only have a single speaker located at the bottom. It offers a high volume, although not entirely sharp, so in this respect, it just complies.

Android 10 with small Wiko details

The software is one of the sections in which we sometimes encounter peculiar situations, so to speak. A section in which the new Wiko View 5 Plus is up to the task, at least at startup, since it puts at our disposal Android 10 along with the security update corresponding to August.

If we focus on the user experience, we come across an almost clean Android, but it has small details here and there by Wiko's hand. Specifically, we talk about applications such as:

  1. Smart Assistant: Thanks to this application we can manage the maintenance of the device.
  2. Easy mode: Activates a simple user environment, designed for the elderly.
  3. Smart folio: This app interacts with the official Wiko case.
  4. Support: Direct access with the brand, for any support questions.
  5. Wiko health: An application similar to Google Fit, but Wiko itself.

First of all these applications are no problem except the Smart Assistant. This application the first thing that asks us when you run it is if we want to give you permissions to access calls and contacts on your phone. And we also find a "device cooler" something that raises some suspicion.

A range of photographic possibilities

In recent times every well-known smartphone incorporates several photographic sensors and in the new Wiko View 5 Plus is no exception. Making available to users four sensors, the most prominent being the main sensor of 48 megapixels.

Accompanied by an 8-megapixel wide-angle photography sensor, a 5-megapixel macro sensor and a 2-megapixel depth sensor. And as usual, the main sensor is the one that has the best behaviour in the day today.

Putting a step below the rest of the sensors, especially when light conditions are scarce, in that situation is when the weaknesses of them come to light. We obtain solvent photographs, always within a few margins, but as mentioned above the main sensor is the one that offers the best quality.

And as we already know, in photography the hardware and software go hand in hand. How about the new Wiko View 5 Plus in this section? First of all the camera app follows the line used by Wiko on previous smartphones. A generally intuitive software, although some advanced options are located in a secondary menu.

Making available to users, apart from photo, video and portrait mode, professional modes, timelapse, slow motion or super macro. Allowing experimenting with the different options, obtaining photos that enjoy sharpness and a good representation of colours. As long as the light conditions accompany us.

Wiko View 5 Plus, your rivals have the bar very high

The range of smartphones located around 200o is one of the most contested currently, there we find Xiaomi or realm especially. Leaving the rest little room for manoeuvre to get their small piece of cake, as they offer affordable devices with very juicy specifications.

We talk about the presence of screens with 90Hz, affordable processors but designed to play or ultra-fast charging technologies. Aspects that any weed who tries to stand out must face if they do not want to go unnoticed in the shadows.

Where is the new Wiko View 5 Plus located? Well, unfortunately, a little in the shadows, as its screen and the performance it offers is far from what is offered by its rivals directly. Yes, it stands out for its great autonomy, although the lack of fast charging overshadows the experience a little.

For the approximately 200 euros that the new Wiko View 5 Plus is worth today, we are craving a device that is disadvantaged from the beginning. Perhaps a reduction in its price would make it a more attractive smartphone, especially if you need great autonomy.

Wiko View 5 Plus Features

  • Body
  1. Dimensions: 165.9 x 76.84 x 9.3 mm
  2. Weight: 201 grams
  • Colours:
  1. Aurora Blue
  2. Iceland Silver
  • Screen
  1. Type: IPS
  2. Size: 6.55 inches 20:9
  3. Resolution 1600 x 720
  • Key features
  1. Processor: Mediatek MT6765
  2. 4 x 1.5 GHz? Cortex-A53
  3. 4 x 1.0 GHz? Cortex-A53
  4. GPU: IMG GE8320
  5. Operating system: Android 10
  • Memory
  1. ROM: 128GB
  2. RAM: 4GB
  3. External memory: MicroSD up to 256GB
  • Cameras
  • Rear:
  1. Main: 48 Mpx f/1.8 FDAP
  2. Ultra wide-angle: 8 Mpx f/2.4
  3. Macro: 5 Mpx f/2.4
  4. Depth: 2 Mpx f/2.4
  • Front:
  1. 8 Mpx f/2.0
  • Connectivity
  1. WiFi 802.11 ac
  2. Bluetooth 4.2
  4. Headphone jack
  5. Nfc
  6. MicroUSB 2.0
  • Sensors
  1. Rear fingerprint reader
  2. Accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity sensor and compass
  • Protection: No
  • Battery
  1. 5000mAh Li-Po
  2. Fast Charging: No, 10W

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