Create 3d playable version of among us

Although the creative director of Typhoon Studios, the Canadian video game developer company, acquired by Google Stadia in December 2019, believes that streamers should pay for the use of games in their streams, the truth is that thanks to streamers, Among Us, has acquired a huge push over the last few months, until catapulting it to its current popularity, with which more than 60 million users worldwide enjoy each day through different platforms, according to the latest known data.

And with such a legion of fans, it's not surprising that some worship him in his own way. In this sense, one of the game's fans, known as Jar, leveraging his skills as an experienced developer for Virtual Reality, has created a 3D version of the game itself.

For those who don't know, Among Us is a multiplayer indie game developed by InnerSloth and released in June 2018, in which you have to find out who the traitor is among the crew members who are on a space mission ship.

The jar has not hesitated to translate the dynamics of Among Us to his particular vision in three dimensions, allowing users to enjoy the 3D experience both through the web and through virtual reality glasses, in which case users will be able to use their own hands to perform a series of tasks.

As we say, it is a fully playable 3D version, although its developer already warns that there may be some problems at some point in the game.

Its version of Among Us is available on the VRChatplatform, a social platform focused on interactions in 3D environments through virtual reality.

Depending on the description it offers:

A strange 3D recreation of Skeld's map in Among Us, an InnerSloth game. Please go play your game on Steam or mobile. Here you can play rounds (with some bugs and interact with tasks using your hands

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