Don't you know what to see? Original ways to discover TV shows or movies to watch on Netflix, HBO or Prime Video

If you've finished a series and have already seen all the movies you had on your list, we'll tell you some original ways to discover new content on Netflix, HBO, or Prime Video.

Streaming video platforms are a real blessing. Netflix arrived in Spain in late 2015, and a year later HBO and Prime Video appeared. Its establishment allowed us to free ourselves from the dictatorship of DDT or to contract the television services of the operators, offering us a wide catalogue of films and series in exchange for an affordable monthly subscription for all pockets.

Now, what happens when the options at our fingertips multiply? Well, choosing becomes a pretty complicated task. That is the problem that haunts us today: we have so many contents at our disposal that we do not know which one to choose.

Nowadays it is very common that, when we finish watching a movie or a series, we spend a good time navigating aimlessly through the catalogue of the different platforms to which we are subscribed.

A good alternative to avoiding these moments of emptiness is to follow the information of the Netflix and HBO premieres that you can find in the Entertainment section of Every week we review the most interesting news that will reach the platforms. Also, we prepared a selection of recommendations to see the weekend.

But what if none of the contents that have just reached the different services catches your eye? In that case, you can turn to the recommendations of family and friends, take a look at the lists of movies and hit series from portals like IMDb or get carried away by Netflix's wise algorithm.

If you've already tried everything and are still undecided, you've got some original ways at your fingertips to discover new tv shows and movies to watch on Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Prime Video. We tell you what they are, what they consist of and how you can use them.


One of the most original ways to discover movies you may like is Cinetrii. It is a portal that analyzes the reviews that critics make of the films, to find relationships between them and show what feature films it has been inspired by and which has subsequently influenced.

To accomplish this task, Cinetrii relies on an algorithm that is responsible for analyzing the articles of critics, looking for references to the work of other directors and the nuances that can relate the films to each other.

Trying this service is very simple and completely free. All you have to do is enter your website and type the title in the search field (it has to be the original title of the feature film).

Next, you'll see a tree appear in the centre of the screen where related movies can be viewed. If you click on the covers you can see the review that establishes the link between the two feature films.

Every movie has a lesson

Another original way to discover new movies is Every movie has a lesson. It is a portal in which Don Shanahan, an educator from Chicago, analyzes the feature films and classifies them according to his lesson or moral.

You can view blog posts in chronological order or use keyword search, although the fastest way to find recommendations based on the message movies give is in the Blackboard Gallery section.

In this section, the analyzed films are grouped in reverse chronological order. The feature film poster is displayed next to your summary lesson, so your query is very comfortable and visual. That said, it's written in English, so to understand it you're going to need to control the language.


An alternative that never fails to discover new movies and series is to let yourself be advised by your family and friends. But instead of the conventional word of mouth or polling reviews through social media, the best thing you can do is enjoy the content together.

You don't need to be in the same place to do this. Thanks to Teleparty (formerly known as Netflix Party) you can watch Netflix tv shows and movies remotely. The service became very popular during quarantine, and now you can continue to enjoy its advantages. It has changed its name because it now also works with Disney+ (in the United States it supports HBO, but not in Spain).

Using it is very simple. The first thing you have to do is install the Chrome extension, and all participants must do the same. The Telepathy service is free but you all have to be subscribed to Netflix or Disney+, otherwise, you won't be able to watch the content.

If you all meet these requirements, the next step must be performed by the person who will create the session. This user has to open the Netflix or Disney+ series or movie in their browser, click the Teleparty icon and then click the Start the party button. A URL will be generated that you will need to share with the other participants.


If when choosing a series or movie to watch one of the things you value the most is the criteria of your friends, then Bingie is perfect for you. It's an iOS app where you can search for your favourite content to recommend to your friends, as well as see what their favourite tv shows and movies are.

our contacts' recommendations are displayed in the main window, so it's easy to locate suggestions. You can filter these contents based on their type (series or movies), you have the option to save the recommendations you would like to see and you can also start a chat with your friends to comment on the series or movie you are watching.

At the moment the app is only available in English and there is no version for Android.


We agree that JustWatch is not an unknown service, quite the opposite. However, most users use it to know if a movie or series is on Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, or other streaming platforms.

But JustWatch is a much more powerful tool. If you already know it and only use it to find out if a particular content is in the service you're subscribed to, let them know you're wasting it.

If you want to get the most out of it, one of the functions that the platform also offers you is to help you find beings and movies according to your tastes. Plus, it has the advantage of telling you which services it's available on, so you won't take a squeak if you discover content you like and then can't see it.


The last service we're going to talk to you about in this selection is Netfinity. It's a platform with a function similar to JustWatch, which allows you to select the streaming platforms you're subscribed to, indicate your preference and see what movies and series are available.

To use this service, go to the website, tap the logo of your platforms and then click Filters. Choose gender, score and votes in Filmaffinity, year and sorting system, and tap Filter to see the results.

You can see the recommendations divided into three tabs: movies, series and documentaries. In this case, you don't have a direct link to play the content, but you can easily locate it through the platform's search engine.

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