Download all-new Google Pixel wallpapers

One of the reasons we like Android as an ecosystem the most is the variety of customization options. Virtually every mobile sold in Spain has exclusive wallpapers, and brands take this into account. Fortunately, if we like the backgrounds of mobile very much, you don't need to buy the new mobile, but download the wallpapers themselves.

In terms of customization, Google Pixels usually stand out with their good taste, and after knowing some of the backgrounds of the Pixel 5, we know new wallpapers with various styles and for all tastes.

These are the new google pixel wallpapers

In XDA Developers they have collected all the funds present in the new Google Pixel, allowing us to download them on our mobile. This time we know three new galleries, each of them with their own style.

  • Captured on Pixel: A gallery with 13 images made by professional photographers. All these photographs have a common denominator, and in that they have been taken using the camera of a Google Pixel (surely, the new Pixel 5), being a sample of the quality of those cameras.
  • Art & Culture: 21 images of paintings and artistic works.
  • For Fun: The pixel 5 officers of whom we talked a few days ago, very colourful backgrounds and designed to take advantage of the camera hole.

If you are more interested in discovering all the wallpapers of any smartphone, we recommend reading our article in depth in which we collect all of each make and model, including even the wallpapers of iPhones, a gallery that is worth not only have an eye on but to have it added to your favourites section to review it frequently.

Despite not being fully updated, Google's wallpaper app is also highly recommended to have some of Google's best backgrounds.

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