Driving mode will arrive soon in Google Assistant: first images in operation

Google Assistant as become an essential part of Google's strategy, which continues to introduce improvements to its assistant, including its renewal in Spanish. Its new features also arrive in Spain, as is expected to happen with driving mode, which was announced last year during Google I/O 2019 but has not yet been released.

Google Assistant driving mode is expected to be released throughout the summer of last year, but this release never took place. For quite some time nothing has been known about this feature, although it seems that Google is preparing to launch it soon. The first images that show us this function have already been filtered.

This will be the driving mode of Google Assistant
Thanks to the 9to5Google team, you have already seen the first images of the interface of this driving mode in Google Assistant. This is a feature that could be seen in the APK of version 11.31 of the application. In the photos, you can see the home screen and the activation screen in this way.

This driving mode will allow you to use your phone without distractions. The interface also comes directly in dark mode, independent of the dark mode of the system. You will be able to see that we have a new navigation mode in Maps and below the playbar you can see a bar that gives access to the wizard and another for the app drawer, where we have functions such as making calls, sending messages, or choosing a music app to use while driving.

The driving mode of the Google Assistant would be just around the corner:  new images appear | Euro X live

This new interface could be activated from Google Assistant, but also from Google Maps when navigation starts. This would be because the integration between the two applications will be total. In fact, you can see that the navigation window looks like the new Google Maps car interface, which you could see a few weeks ago.

At the moment there have been no dates for it to be introduced, although it has already been seen in that APK, we will have to wait until it reaches the stable version of the wizard shortly.

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