Echo Auto, the economical alternative to Android Auto for older cars

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If you use Alexa at home or on mobile and want to take it in your car too, Amazon offers the Echo Auto device, which does just that. It is ideal for older vehicles where Android Auto cannot be installed.

You may drive an old car, but that doesn't mean you have to give up modernity. Echo Auto is the economical alternative to Android Auto that will allow you to use Alexa in your car to play music, make calls or get information using voice.

Amazon Echo Auto is available on Amazon for 59.99 euros. It is very easy to install and is compatible with any car.

Thanks to its 8 built-in microphones, Alexa will understand your commands even if air conditioning or engine noise is activated and the road is elevated.

It is a device that is fastened to the vehicle's vent. The adapter is not compatible with all grids (see it here), but it can always be held manually. It must be connected to the USB port or the car's power adapter and paired with the vehicle's speakers via Bluetooth, or with the auxiliary audio input included in all cars.

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Echo Audio uses your phone's connection to connect to the Internet and offer you all Alexa services via voice, so you don't get distracted from driving.

You can ask them to launch a Spotify, Amazon Music, or Apple Music playlist, call a person in your contact list, show you the calendar, the weather, the latest news, or any information.

As it supports TuneIn, it also works as a radio device that allows you to tune into any radio station using voice.

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And if you're concerned about privacy, it has a button that electronically deactivates microphones, so no one can hear anything. It is also possible to review any audio captures you make and delete it.

Amazon Echo Auto is available on Amazon for 59.99 euros. It will be very useful if you spend many hours in the car and want to do a lot of things without taking your hands off the wheel.

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