Facebook Gaming launches its cloud gaming service for Android and PC, and it's free

Facebook launches its cloud service by starting with users (or criticizing the competition): the cloud game is very green, and that's why it's going to start with free games.

Facebook is a little late for the cloud game, and maybe that's why it's wanted to detract from its rivals. Or be completely honest, as you look, because at the end of the day it says that what many of us think: that cloud play is not the Holy Grail, and is not yet ready to be used massively.

Thus begins the curious press release in which he announces the launch of his streaming service through Facebook Gaming. It joins Google Stadia, Microsoft Project xCloud, Amazon Luna, NVIDIA Geforce NOW, and others.

Facebook explains that"we believe in the long-term future of cloud gaming, but we won't try to surprise you with the wonders of our data centres, compression algorithms, resolutions, or frames per second. Streaming cloud games for the masses still have a long way to go, and it's important to take advantage of both the advantages and reality of technology rather than trying to exaggerate your situation in the future." A dart straight to Google Stadia...

It also ensures that you don't want to replace computers or consoles: "We love the console and computer games, and both formats will continue to exist for a long time. We believe that cloud video games will increase (and won't replace) the chances of trying big games. We also don't want to replace your phone: you'll see how sometimes quickly testing a cloud game is better and others where it's not."

After this sincerity exercise, you recognize that for these reasons you will start by releasing a handful of free mobile games, which you can play on any Android mobile or pc browser, without having to download them.

The games chosen are Asphalt 9: Legends from Gameloft, Mobile Legends: Adventure from Moonton, PGA TOUR Golf Shootout from Concrete Software, Inc. and Solitaire: Arthur's Tale from Qublix Games. They are titles that do not require low latency, the Achilles heel of cloud games.

In coming weeks Dirt Bike Unchained will arrive from Red Bull and other titles. They also plan to launch pay and PC games, but when the technology is settled.

Facebook explains that its cloud gaming service is not going to get to iOS at the moment because"Apple treats games differently and continues to exercise its control over the very valuable resource." As you probably know, Facebook and Epic Games hold a dispute with Apple over the 30% commission Apple charges on all micropayments in iOS apps and games.

In addition to free full games, Facebook will integrate cloud games into ads. In certain paid game ads you can try a demo instantly, without downloading.

Facebook Gaming's cloud gaming service has so far been launched in the United States. It will soon be extended to other countries.

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