Figo, a new vacuum cooking machine

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There's already a lot of machines that help enough in the kitchen. From the famous Thermomix to the revolutionary mambo, kitchen robots continue to invade our homes so they can do more in less time, without giving up good taste.
Now we are introduced to Figo, a machine that helps to cook with good quality using the phone, as well as vacuum sealing, cold storage and precisely cooking food.
Available in Indiegogo, in the midst of a crowdfunding campaign (they have already overcome what they needed to make it happen), it allows from cooking a steak to making boiled eggs. They insist that vacuum cooking produces better results, as the meat does not dry out, and uses that technique for the third party image reference
Vacuum cooking works well even for novices, as it helps bring food to an exact temperature and maintain it until it gets a perfect result. Among its advantages are:
– Healthier and tastier cooking: fewer oils are used by letting foods cook in their own juices and retain more nutrients.
– Consistent results: food is always cooked at a precise temperature.
– Easy cleaning: we simply wash the bag and bottles.
– Practical meal preparation: we save time.
How Figo works
Figo uses a dry Peltier system to keep food stored at up to 2 degrees. Transfer heat away from food by cooling it safely. With the mobile we decide when we want the hot water to come into action, reaching the exact temperature desired when it is time to start third party image reference
To do this it has a propeller circulator so that the water is heated and distributed evenly throughout the cooking. The temperature control is so accurate that we can indicate the accuracy of about a degree.
After cooking, the water is removed from the food to help preserve the texture.
They plan to sell it for about $130, although they will only start delivering the first units in March 2021.

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