Google and samsonite launch smart backpack with jacquard technology

Google teams up with Samsonite to launch a Jacquard smart fabric-enabled  backpack | TechCrunch

Google and Samsonite launched a smart backpack using Google Jacquard technology.
This backpack, called Konnect-i, comes in two different models that combine several functions for those who make quick outings or have to move to workplaces.
Following the same dynamic that we saw in the Jacket of Google and Levis, the user only has to interact with the area of the product where the Jacquard Tag is located.
With Jacquard technology, familiar objects can become interfaces to unite the physical and digital worlds.

Launch of the Samsonite Konnect-i backpack with Google Jacquard; the price  starts at $ 200 – Droid News

In the case of the backpack, on the left strap, as you see in the image. The user only needs to configure the touch gestures that will trigger certain actions on the mobile device. For example, activate a command in Google Assistant, play songs, answer calls, take a selfie.
So with a double-tap on the strap, swiping the palm of your hand up or down, you can perform different actions without touching your phone. On the other hand, the user can also receive "alerts" (for example, if they receive a text message) in the form of vibration or with colour changes in the light indication.

Samsonite Konnect-i Backpack with Google Jacquard Review – A strokable smart  bag - SlashGear

To implement this dynamic, the user must put the Jacquard Tag module on the backpack strap, as shown in the image. Then just sync the module with your phone using Bluetooth, and set up actions using the Jacquard app.
And as for the price, the Konnect-i Slim is worth about 199 euros, and the Standard model about 219.

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