Google Assistant now lets you control Android apps

An interesting update is coming to the Google Assistant that will allow you to control third-party apps using voice commands.

So you can perform specific actions or searches in certain apps using your voice from the Wizard with the classic "Ok Google". For example, you'll be able to play music, search for user profiles, order food, etc.

In this first stage, this new Google Assistant dynamic works in English only in more than 30 apps. Among them, Twitter, eBay, Etsy, Spotify, Mint, Snapchat, Walmart, among others. And of course, Google apps.

Some examples:

– Twitter: "Hey Google, check

news on Twitter" – Spotify:

"Hey Google, Find Motivation Mix on

Spotify" – Snapchat: "Hey Google, send

snap with Cartoon Lens" – Nike Run

Club: "Hey Google, start my run with

Nike Run Club" – Etsy: "Hey Google, search for candles on Etsy" – Postmates: "Hey Google, order a smoothie on Postmates" – Mint: "Hey Google, check my accounts on Mint"

– MyFitnessPal: "Hey Google, log a berry smoothie on MyFitness

And for this dynamic to work for everyone, the Wizard allows you to configure shortcuts to customize voice commands. So you can use the default phrases you'll find in the Wizard for each supported app, or you can modify it to create your own voice commands.

And an interesting detail is that this update is compatible with any Android mobile device enabled to use the Wizard. An interesting and practical dynamic. At the moment, it is not available in Spanish, so we will have to wait to see this news in our language.

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